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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ladies Special

"The first coach in the moving direction of the train, is RESERVED FOR LADIES", hear it quite often right?
This post, is specially dedicated to that first coach of the metro. The guys, at first should be thankful to me for am giving them a ride of the place, where they are pathetically, authentically banned!
I boarded the metro from sector 21 Dwarka, the station from which the metro begins. Right at the next station, two women boarded the metro in the same coach as mine.
"Why didnt you do love marriage?", a women asked other while sitting, supposedly they were talking even before they boarded the metro.
"I didnt find any guy who'd love me truly, however I have found now", the second women said.
"Your husband?", first women asked.
"Not exactly, there's one in my office. We'd been to three dates as yet!" she exclaimed.
"Amazing news", the first women said in astonishment, while taking out her phone. Maybe she'd text her friends.
I looked around. Women talking loudly, laughing, eyes getting bigger, some times smaller. Ofcourse, we are free! No men around, was the gesture truly visible.
At next station, Sector 9, the number of women in the coach increased. So did the tik tok of heels. So did the clinging of ghungroos. So did the talks.
"I tell you, Mrs Gupta is such a bitch!", a women exhaled to each sitting at her left and right. Three of them seeming like around 45 years or so. All in corporate dresses.
"Dont tell me, she again had an affair with the PA!", a women on her left said in a hushed tone, putting on her bush while looking in the mirror.
"Darling, she's reached the manager now. I saw her doing "thing" with him, in his office today, horrifying it was"! she said.
"Oh my gosh!, the women on right screamed and females around turned at her. The women at left kept her hand on her open mouth. Eyes damn bigger.
That's not it.
"I love your legs", a girl in jeans said to another in shorts.
The girl in shorts smiled, as if she saw it coming. With pride, yes.
"I recently went to this amazing spa! Its a must try. I mean, look at me, this is what they did! Nice naa?", she said stretching her legs.
Few girls were alone, as I was. Few were making use of their headsets. Few just gazing at each other, {I guess thats the section I belong to}. When a women is alone, trust me, she loves staring here and there for passing time.
A group of young girls just gazing at other's handbags, clutches, hairdo, dresses, nail art, footwear and giving them a score on ten. The coach is not pink, its colorful. Not just colors; smiles, amazement, expressions, relations, bellow, dresses, high heels makes it all colorful!
I got down at Sector 12. The outside world seemed too quite.
Women! Huh! A breed of humans which can never be duplicated. So what does a guy expect, when they enter this coach, when they are hushed and shouted at by women, to take the hell out of here? Cos its RESERVED? Nope! Its cos we can be 'ourselves' here. We will not think to act or talk about something here. Its just a set free space! We can shout about something. Yell about anything. This space makes us feel special.
Thereafter, Males, think a hundred times to step up here!You might just get eaten.


  1. hahaha nice..
    anecdotes of metro's 1st coach :-D

  2. @Jagpreet
    Yeahhh!!!! Trust me, sometimes being a woman is fun! :D
    thanks for the comment!! :D