Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet dReAmS

2:10 am. 18th March 2012:
He called. She picked up. "Happy Anniversary", he said sweetly to her.
"To you too", she said in awe.
Then the talks got back to normal ones. The regular homely stuff, the college mess, the studies carried along, the usual ups and downs of this thing called Life. She talked with phone in one hand, inside the blanket and doing her college work with right hand. He, typing something on his pc, rather his usual "fb going" time and simultaneously listening to every word she says. Not just hearing, actually listening.
The "talks" went for another half an hour, just when he shuts off the pc and gets into the bed. Earphones connected to the phone, connected to his ears.
3:30 am.
"You feeling sleepy kya?" she said, still scribbling down on the pages of her file.
"Not really", he said, in a tone, which she knows is a sign he'll sleep soon.
This has surely happened lot many times. He getting dozed off, when she's speaking. His snores hearing loud and clear. She then cuts down the phone, (mainly in anger) what can she do otherwise?
"Just let me know if you are", she said patiently, "I'll not scold you", she said smirking.
" Yes, I will", he said, the tone getting more sleepy now.
He slept.
Thank God to his snores, she realized it.
But, she wasn't angry.
2 years 7 months of togetherness does not lead to anger anymore. Somewhere, he always tries his best to give her a ear. Patience and Love are his keys.
She silently smiled on the other side of the phone. "Sleep tight honey, Love you", she whispered and kissed the phone. She imagined him sleep, with his earphones still on, phone in one hand. Dreaming he must be. Dreaming her of course. He always has been. He still does. He always will. Sleeping like a little boy. Snoring completed the picture. Imagination is the only way. The world keeps them apart, at least during the night. It will still take years for her to jump out of the imagination and step into the real world.
After some hours, he will wake up, startled, with head phones still in his ears and speak into them; her name. Not to worry, they'll talk in the morning again. They talk all day. Sometimes all night.
The sweetest of all the relations they ever had, was, is, will be of his' and her's.