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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lets all be Captain Planet!

Lately, I went to sabji mandi with my dad. I drove the car which was a happy thing. And then we walked into the Friday market with a huge vegetable bag that everyone has. He only took me to carry things, as I dont have any buying-the-vegetable experience. My dad bought tomatoes, my heart sank a little. He bought cucumber and lady fingers, my heart sank a little more. Tomatoes, spinach, green peas, eggplants, mangoes and many more green varieties followed with more and more sinking of heart. Each vegetable came with polythene. Each accumulated more polythene in the bag we had. I wonder why did we carry the bag when we had to pick polythene? So time came to buy onions & potatoes, I simply asked him to keep them in the bag without the polythene.
My dad explained: these vegetables will get squashed in some corner if not kept separated from each other in different polythene.
I drove back. In that 10 minutes journey to home, all I was thinking was some way it could be replaced or lessened at least. It didn't hurt me that all were doing the same. It hurt me cos I was doing something wrong.

Home back, these were the techniques crossed my mind which can be done easily and wisely. For the planet:
eat the chips but dont throw the wrapper.

^ We can re-use the polythene. If each vegetable is so delicate and fragile, we can take the same polythene each time we go to sabji mandi and ask the vendor to put them in our polythene and not use another one. Its easy.
^Kitchen waste is something which cant be get ridden off. The egg shells, the cut-out vegetables, the bread, milk packets etc. We always need a polythene to throw away this stuff right? Not exactly. Follow this: Cut the upper portion of milk, bread, cereal, pulses packets. They'll become like an open packet which can be used to throw away kitchen stuff. If the packet becomes small, cut out more. Am sure we all bring in milk or bread packets almost daily. (Even lays, kurkure, bingo packets would do).
and it becomes a bag! if your kitchen waste is more, cut out more.
do the same with pulses, cereals, tea, bread packets. 
^And of course, wise saving of electricity: Keep at least 2 hours of time when the entire family sits in one room. For us, its daytime. We often sleep in one room in day time. Saving maximum amount of electricity. Not to forget, as much it creates bonds with nature, it does within the family as well.

Share these simple ways of avoiding polythene and using electricity wisely. Use & reuse. :) Lets move one step towards a cleaner & greener planet!
looks amazing na?!


  1. This post is great because people like you care enough to think about stuff and try their best to find solutions.

    Especially loved "It didn't hurt me that all were doing the same. It hurt me cos I was doing something wrong."

    Kudos :D

    1. @tolivetolovetobe:
      I love it that you loved it. Yes, it all begins with oneself.
      One more thing: What a soothing & peaceful blog you have. It calmed my eyes.
      P.S- Do I know you? would love to know more :)
      thanks a tone!