Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Last First Day

Its 2012 now. The last session at college has kicked off. Freshers coming in new wonderful dresses which I know I would never wear at college. Me being in something very regular. I stand at the lobby waiting for someone. The same someone who's been there with me since two years. Till then I stare at people- nothing better I could have done. The walls seem so old yet so new to me. The noises the crowd make makes me feel so related. The person entered the lobby. We went straight to the class. Science- cant help it. The break came, we went to the canteen. Not much people around, but thats how we like it. The canteen seemed a bit renovated though. We preferred to sit outside. Under the shed. And so the talks started. The normal talks. We dont really need more friends. We know we are sufficient for each other. All of a sudden, we started remembering the previous two years- of college, of fun, of friendship, of shopping, of bunking, of fights, of togetherness. We means me & Vartika.
I must admit, this is our best picture ever.
College life has been so full with her, only her. We went into deep thoughts and suddenly it started raining.
"My first Delhi rain of this session", she said
"Of course", I said.
We saw the rain dancing with slow and fast steps. We saw people running back to classes.
"Dont worry, I have my umbrella", I said.
She smiled.
The rain dripping in through the leaking canteen sheds- on us, on food. We didnt bother.
"I just wish we have a plain, simple, tension free year", I said.
"Me too", she said.
 Somewhere deep down we knew the beginning of ending has started. Its gonna be the last year at college. It was the last first day at college of constant classes.
A long silence followed. 


  1. dis is how d life begins ending up with smthing old aavika

    1. So true! But I didnt knew its gonna run too fast. I guess they say right: All good things come to an end. :)

  2. amazing description of the regular life... and i do respect your appreciation for your peer.. great work....

    1. @Aditya
      Thanks for the comment and for the appreciation too. :)

  3. @Neha Choudhary

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on this post cos this one is really special to me.
    :) Keep reading! and thanks for motivation, too!