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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chapter 2 : Why can't we just Rewind?

There she sits. Wondering what went wrong when the picture seemed unclear. It was raining heavily. The rain drops were falling on the window panes like melted silver. She went outside. Surrounded by storms. Losing her senses, she had a glimpse of the past.

The tape gets rewind by three years by now. It seemed like all the pictures started flashing in front of her eyes like some power point slide show. Intricate life began.. again. The wounds started bleeding ... again.


Jenny was fifteen. Then came the first guy she met. The first love. Somewhat she had always seen in movies. Jenny was immensely drowned, besotted in love. He was her best friend, until she knew she felt something for him.... something strange, unusual, in a good sense though... in the best sense maybe. Jenny was young and charming. She had always been beautiful, would say her mother. That was Friday evening, when he called. She picked up.
"I think I feel something for you", he said.
"Like what", said Jenny. Wondering if he would say what she had always fancied.
That was the first time, when Jenny's insane heart skipped a beat. She wanted to tell him so since ages, but never did. "He's a guy, let him make the first move", would say her friends.
She waited, until he said those three awe-inspiring words.
Jenny almost fainted. She pinched herself, wondering if it's just one of her regular dreams she used to have at nights. THIS IS IT!
The romance began. But, it didn't last for more than a month.
"I think we are good as friends", he would say.
"I was just baffled", he continues, "Are we still friends?", he says doubtingly.
"Asking for friendship after the break up, is like watching your dog die and you ask your mom 'can we still keep it'", says Jenny. Her innocence was murdered there and then. She thought of never calling him again, but the void was huge. Jenny was so indispensable of him.

The rain was growing stronger & stronger. She still stood there.


After one month, came another guy. Jenny didn't feel for him. He was three years elder to her. She knew there was something missing, the void is left to be filled.
"Would this be right? Shall I say yes", she said in a monotonous tone.
Poor Jenny, was too young for this. Confused, caught in the briny, beleaguered, a startled bird not even ready to fly; she said yes.
After seven months, the guy left her. Giving ludicrous, preposterous reasons for leaving her. But, she handled it all. Jenny was courageous though, had always been. Jenny never saw him again.
At the end of the day, what she figured out was, she still couldn't fill the void of her first love.
The vacuum was still there.

The rain now started falling a little slantingly, rushing with wind blowing.


Jenny turned sixteen. After three months and seven days post of her previous heartbreak warfare, she met another guy. Jenny had been his first love, first childhood crush. They were in the same school, and had his heart at her feet since past four and a half years. Jenny never cared.
After two continuous break-ups, she wanted to swim out of the depression. Aloof of love. All she needed was friends. She got none. Until she met him. He seemed nice, very nice, with no wrong intentions.
Each time she would try to swim out, something would pull her inside. When she had been almost out, she slipped again... stupid Jenny... fell for her guy, whom she never felt for.
Poor poor Jenny, just tried relentlessly to fill the void of her first love. She meant no harm to any. But, she left many lives destroyed.
After a month and sixteen days later, she left him. He was subtle, sober and too good to be done bad. Jenny didn't want to do him any bad. She left him for his own good. He "deserved" someone better.

The rain stopped suddenly. The time travelling was over. Jenny came back to the present. She went inside.. to prepare coffee, which she was the best at. The atmosphere seemed indescribable. Just as the nature was at peace after what the strong rain had brought it the subjugation. There seemed a similarity between Jenny and the nature.
Consoling herself, she sips the coffee. But another greatest part of the puzzle was left: her fourth "Love"- The first Prince of her life who made her believe she is a princess. LOVE STORY -IV, the so-called- last love of her life.
She realizes before that, there isn't any sugar in the cup. She went to take more. Then, something summons in her mind. She had forgot to stir the sugar left untouched at the bottom. "Maybe the love am looking for is deep down,  within me, than peeking each time outside. All I need, is to invigorate myself".
Before she could take another sip, her phone rang. She froze. Her cup almost fell off her hands. Her eyes didn't blink.
It was him......


  1. mark my words aavika,ur a tru talent at story-telling...waiting for the next chapter of Jenny...actually after reading such smooth story,m falling for jenny ...hahaha

    plz never never never give up on your writing skills & wonderful are goin to write a legendary tale smday :)

  2. Dear Hardik,
    Thank you so much for your words. Trust me, it is all because of you that am stretching Jenny's story. Because of your motivation, enthusiasm and belief am doing this. Thank you for the support.

  3. the talent of yours is worth supporting...keep up the wnderful wishes will follow you always

  4. @Hardik
    And you've always done that. My gratitude follows.