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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leaves #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 1

Just another day. Just another October? No! wait! This is OctPoWriMo! Its an incredible disease which makes you write poems daily! Oh no! Am sick with high OctPoWriMo fever! Whats the cure? someone tell me! 

             I found the cure: 

Leaves go from pale to green 
A few new

A few old
all hanging from one tree
singing in one tone
some weak some strong
It grows while it fades
simultaneously, it awaits
for another season
another transition
Its rise and fall
go hand in hand
It sings together the song of
life and death.

So its kind of a fun disease who a few amazing people wants to spread. All you have to do is make a poem out of anything and post it in comments or on your blog. FOR THE NEXT 31 DAYS! Its gonna be fun! Get all geared up! :)
check this out! 


  1. Wow. Such beautiful words.
    I feel such a beginner when I am reading poems of other participants :)

    I will look forward to read you :)

  2. I hate that i am 3rd one to comment ..anyway .. I loved every word of this post .. such amazing thoughts on nature ..

  3. you captured the change of leaves in such a cool way! Really enjoyed it.

  4. A poem especially FOR you.

    Take a leaf, out of it

    I'm planted
    I grow
    I grow a tree
    I set free
    Green color
    My valour
    I turn yellow
    Journey to gallows
    It looks serene
    But colors' not green
    I incinerate
    Promise to innate.

  5. I like the poem, though I feel it would be easier to read if the font was black, or the background for the post a solid white.

  6. @Lady Whispers
    I am yet due reading others, I knew I wont be able to write if I read their amazing-ness first. :P
    Thank you so much diii! I am looking forward to yours too!
    (Now I am going to read everyone's)
    Thanks for making this comment :)

  7. @Nave
    Thanks bhaiya! :) yours was fantastic but.

  8. @Nimue
    You are not here first to comment but you are first to publish yours on OctPoWriMo
    and really am doing this because of you :)
    Thanks and kudos to this theme!

  9. @Bethteliho
    Wow! Comment from someone new! Yippeee! Thanks for reading :)

  10. @Jagpreet
    Bhaiya, I expect a poem from you, really.
    Next time karna hoga.
    Thanks for comment :)

  11. @Kamal
    You know am your fan. And after reading this I guess I am your follower now. Teach me something, will you!
    And please stick around for 31 days, its gonna be our incredible journey!
    Thank you soo much! :)

  12. @Rhi Williams
    I kind of felt the same thing too. Glad you pointed it out, I must take care of it next time onwards.
    Thanks for reading and dropping by! :)
    Hope to see you more here.

  13. Amazing words joined together to create a lovely post.

  14. Your intro before the poem made my heart dance and smile. Lovely poem. Thanks for joining us for OctPoWriMo.

  15. Morgan is right...even your intro was lovely! Beautiful writing.

  16. you have given a new meaning to autumn

  17. @ankitsharma88
    Wow! thanks but your blog is awesomeee! I am going to stalk your blog now, really.
    Thanks again for dropping by! :)

  18. @Morgan Dragonwillow
    Oh yeah! It was written straight from heart ^_^
    I think am gonna grow so much in october!
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  19. @Zoe Byrd
    wow! so many good words today! :)
    Oh so happy!
    Thank you!

    Now thats like really the most awesome comment I could get!
    So much positiveness flowing here!
    Thanks for writing these words :)