Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Gentle Love. A Gentle Self. #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 4

Down the hallwaythere's a woman crying
cursing and praying
at the same time
I wonder what occurred to her
as I take each step towards her
one by one
Only with one motive
I will be gentle
with her pain 
with her sayings
I will understand all her sufferings.

Yes there is a boy
living next door
with a crooked smile
and a broken soul
He whispers often some words
but whimpers more and more
I shall knock his door
Ask him his pain
that dwells in him
I will be gentle
with his shouts
with his cryings
I will understand even if he yells. 

The girl who lost someone close
last year
still has red eyes
and her soul has gone black
She stays mum while walking down the road
dropped her dreams of floating aloof
I shall walk with her someday
talk of whom she lost
and why she blames herself
I will be gentle
with her curses
with her wounds
I will understand even if she doesn't say a word.

For I have found myself
in others' happiness
trying to be gentle with their dreams
has become my gift
And so discovered a piece of me
which lives for others
yes, indeed
Being gentle with them
has made me be gentle with me.


  1. This poem speaks a lot about you!! I love it.

  2. And this is why i so much relate to your heart. So much love you .. beautiful post. Beautiful thoughts.

  3. I am LOVING today's poems! Yours is outstanding as a statement that in gentleness to others we can learn gentleness with self. Thank you for this lesson!

  4. This piece just tells what a beautiful soul you have and that is one reason I so love you :)
    Loved it girl :)

  5. Let me stop reading this post for the tenth time and make a comment. The one best part of the prompt is that it opens the door of our wisdom and imagination. Though forcefully to write a post or through the daily pains and beauty I am glad it opened yours. Else an amazing post like this would never ever have been born :)

  6. Wowww...

    Felt like watching a was that intense...already in love with you...a beautiful angel you are..

  7. Beautiful philosophy of life shared in your lovely poem. Thank you. xoA

  8. @Nave
    yes, yes it does. :) Thank you soo much bhaiya!

  9. @payal agarwal
    am glad you liked it. :) really.
    thanks for making a comment here.

  10. @shah wharton
    thank you so much! and why couldnt I open your post link today? :O

  11. @Nimue
    And I relate so much to you! and its because of you that I am swimming deep in love nowerdays!
    I am blessed I have you! :)

  12. @seekingmeme
    Yes! day 4 challenge was amazing and everyone wrote such awesome thoughts!
    I guess I have been doing that since forever and its kind of fun! :)
    thank you so much for writing here ! :D

    Thank you so much! ^_^

  14. @Lady Whispers
    We all have beautiful souls!! and I relate so much with you all the time. and I love you too!
    thanks for comment :*

  15. @ankitsharma88
    you read it for ten times ? :O thats a success for me! and yes, you are right, the prompt is making me evolve so much and meet new people and learn and grow. I am loving this October! all thanks to amazing people like you! :)

  16. @Enchantress
    awww! your sweet words move me.
    thank you for saying this! :)

  17. @Annis
    I read your blog too. How beautifully you write!
    Thank you for making a lovely comment here! :)