Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Monday, June 25, 2012

Am saving all my Love for you

I watch him intently, as he slides, swings over, orders people, flatters girls with his witting charm. He never had a bath for sure.Yes, he is dirty, he stinks for sure, never brushes his teeth. Uses girls and forgets their names. His hair are never combed, long enough, embedded with colorful beads, wears boots all the time, old rings always fill his hands, filthy clothes, dirty clothes, drinks rum every now & then, excellent with swords and guns. Not at all trust worthy and surely will do things no one can imagine. None-the-less, I love him. I love his dark black eyes, his yellow groaning teeth, his walking style, his wittiness, his intelligence and most importantly when he says 'aye, savvy'.
Wonder who he is? 
Jack Sparrow
"There should be a captain in there somewhere", he says
All right, Captain Jack Sparrow. 
No wonder he is so attractive, handsome and dirty. A pirate after all. Escaped death like a zillion times. Filthy, mutton-chopped life he makes of everyone's, playful, mischievousness over the par. I cant blink looking at him (replace looking with staring). Can turn into anything to get what he wants the most. Since the holidays, I have been re-watching his movies (all four) again & again. No wonder his sexiness appeals me every time even more than previous once. Isn't he amazing? 
"The witty Jack Sparrow" everyone know him. Bad, blue, errant, gamey, ill-behaved, playful, risque, roguish, sexy, spicy, willful and I have just ran out of words.
I fancy him. Someday he might come over and sway me away with his ship. Not ship, "The Black Pearl". These are some of the moments which made me fall into deeper crater of love for him.

angelic-as he steps from the top of the ship

Commodore- you are no doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of
Jack- but you have heard of me

That's interesting. I couldn't resist, mate. (as he steals a coin)
And he becomes the chief-to-be-eaten of tribes. 

Jack singing to Jones- I got jar of dirt, I got jar of dirt, what've you got?
Jack-how many souls is my soul worth of?
Davy- a hundred souls.

Now if you are so interested in killing your own daughter, why dont you just
throw her off the cliff  instead of me ?
(winning over East India Trading Company when everyone's floating their hats)
Jack- Gibbs you can throw my hat
(Gibbs throws it happily)
Jack- Now go get it

Jack to Gibbs- now that we've got the ship, lets move and where is that monkey?
I want to shoot something

when elizabeth asks her of wedding

always willing to make things 'square'

have you ever done something right jack?

fighting alone with the kraken when everyone left.
if the ship sinks, the captain must die with it.

william- have you heard of me? 

gentlemen, m'lady, this is the day you will always remember when you almost caught
captain jack sparrow
when the map reads 'up is down'. why are the maps never clear?

of course he escapes the hundreds of tribes..

the pirate rule

barbossa- but how are you still alive?

scaring off the mermaids.
(and that was without a single drop of rum)
after killing the kraken and returning from jone's locker

the perfect captain

which is your favorite 'moment'?


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  2. brilliant; kudos for writing about Jack Sparrow.
    and yes yes, there is captain in there somewhere !!

    btw, where and why is the rum gone !! :P

  3. @jagpreet
    yeah! kudos to jack..
    i loooveee him..
    and the rum is always gone :D