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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meeting with the cousins Part-II

Its gonna be a week almost since they arrived. The overnight talks are getting more cozy, the evening snacks are more chirpy, the swings are more faster, the bicycle rides are more rash. It feels good when they ask for my permission for going downstairs, eating biscuits, cold drinks and also for switching on the AC. Feels soo superior! I take full advantage of it though, ask them for bringing me water from fridge, for watering plants, for cleaning room. Ha! Little slaves.
But the last night was amazing. We painted two emboss paintings together, till 2 am. They ask me for every single detail of the picture, where to paint first and last. Hows and whats follow. The hard work does deserve an endowment. We celebrated with pepsi along with snacks with a round of "cheers". Followed by talks about movies, stars, songs, and what not.
"Vidya is more fatter than me. I dont like her", says 9 year of navya. She likes her fatty-ness and wants to be the only one with it.
The night hugs make me feel am precious to them. They both sleep with me. Hugging me.
However, the mornings are sweet too. Ria wakes her little sister up in the sweetest way possible- throwing cold water on her face.
I like how the days, the mornings, the nights go. But, somewhere my own private time of faceboking, talking on phones, watching my own tv shows (exclude this one, kids and me love Doreamon) has been lost. Somewhere, maybe the life is screaming for itself. Maybe its time things should be back to normal. This happens all the time. Someone comes, you enjoy, but then you want them to go and let your life come back in ASAP, but soon when they go, you feel a little pain. A pain of desolation, detached, individual and solitariness. 

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