Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meeting with the cousins Part-I

Are you familiar with that adrenaline rush? That when you have reaching at a height of 60 feet? When you cannot see the ground? From where you can see the entire city? When your house, friends and everyone seem like tiny ants? When the stomach bounces flat and the wind juts carries you away? When you feel weight-less?

Just two days back my younger cousins have come to my place to spend their summer breaks. Geared up with pretty summer clothes, the girls haven't forgotten to bring their holidays homework. What a killer it was! Took twelve years of my life to complete it! Ria(11years) and nayva (9years) are just two opposites poles of the Earth. The home has for sure come back to life, for it constitute of high secondary, college, or pass outs. The park called then down with lusty swings. My job was only to push them and make them touch the sky. Huh! Tiring. 
Yesterday, we went again. This time it was different. Well, the weather was. Not much summer heat, but rather wind flowing. Different for one more reason, they asked me to swing this time (Replace asked with forced). I sat on the swing and my soul purpose (given to me) was to beat Ria. 
And so the adventure began. Magical, my feet still remember the techniques for reaching the cloud. What I used to do to defeat the swinging warriors. I reached a height of 10 feet, have to still go a long way. The adrenaline rush started a bit. Only a bit. I could feel my hair were swinging in the wind. I reached a height of 30 feet. Half of my capability it was. I had to defeat Ria! I looked up, the cloud was so near. I wanted to touch it. With all my efforts, I reached 60 feet! The height am never afraid of. After years have passed, I became a kid again. The tiny people on the Earth waved me as I was sitting on the cloud. The warm summer breeze seemed so lovely. I couldn't hear anything, except the sound of swing. The memories became as warm as the summer wind. The black & white memories were filled up with colors of childhood again.