Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sound of Silence #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 11

I hear the drums beating
"heading toward nothing", I said, you agreed.
Or the piano playing
a singer singing something
in language I forgot already
Midst all that
I hear a heart crashing
a soul twisting
some noises so abrupt
of abuses maybe
Is it yours? Is it mine?
I don't know

The headphones shrunk my head
Ears pain badly now
listening to voices of people
I have never met
I want yours here
I know it wont come anymore
I hear footsteps leaving
back that wont turn ever
Monotonous tone of someone
Is it yours? Is it mine?
I don't know

Humming your favorite song
isn't helping either
all I hear is silence
underneath the words
we never said
Of phone ringing
of messages sent
never replied
Your silence has made it even worse
I shall leave you
with your favorite song

Silence is all I hear
Is it yours? Is it mine?
Maybe its ours
longing to meet
but never really will 


  1. I am suddenly reminded of the poem you read in PACH#3. In CCD lounge.
    thats one of the best poems I have ever heard in PACH.

    And oh , this is as awesome .. even a step better ..
    tum ladki gazzab ho :) When I read you , I want to hide my links :P

    1. Oh! that one! You still remember it? :O wow! thats huge for me!
      And, yes, in a way, it carries same emotions.
      Thank you di! you support me so much! you are a blessing ^_^
      And if you hide your links, I will not be able to write anything. Most of all this is inspired from yours.

  2. it was beautiful..the way you get into things and the way you experience the beauty is extra ordinary !! you got eyes for that..

    1. thank you so much for those words. Appreciation just pushes me more to write!
      and eyes, oh! I am an observer, just. ^_^

  3. "Everything around me stops for a while, when I read you". You are awesome and amazing that way. Not to say what a wonderful post this was.

    1. ohhhhh!!!! reallyy! thats awesomeeeeeeeee!! thank you sooo muchh! so muccchh!

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  5. Wonderful work - the sounds of silence - when the heart hears more than the ears! Perfect!

    1. wow! di! you summed it up quite the perfect way! thats brilliant! thank you for this :)

  6. This is lovely, well done! Aavike. I loved the examination of silences... X

    1. Really? Thank you, somewhere i have written a confused part of me here, but i am glad I did. Thank you! :)

  7. The headphones shrunk my head. amazing line!!
    and also listen to this song:

    1. oh! great! I love it when someone shares a song/video with me! Cooool! I will be watching :D