Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Don't touch my things! #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 12

So it was quite some while back
pretty things which I cant share. 
"No one dare touch my things"
Thats all I said
Stay away from the bags & shoes
of my barbie dolls
I love it so much 
If you will play with it
Ouch! it will hurt

Going forth on timeline
Little kids who visit our home
always want a toy of two
the stuff dolls
or Doreamon
My mother sees the look on my face
Sigh! Its so hard to give them away
Loving them with all my heart
and now seeing them in their hands
"Dont touch my things" 
Deep down inside, I say

Now that I have grown age-vise
the mind still remains in that time
the toys sit still on my table
the barbie dolls have been
sleeping inside the wardrobe
Still, sharing things which I love
have been, oh! so difficult
For I get attached to things so much
they have been with me all the way
the first friendship band from second standard
fallen beads of broken necklace
earrings that someone gifted
or just the chocolate wrappers
They are all on the form of some memoirs

The shadows dont leave me
Not of mine, but of things I love
But I want them to stay
Stay for the sake of happy times
or sad ones instead

Picture Courtesy- Hardik Photography


  1. I liked your take on the prompt. Makes me go kill my post. Wonderfully described. Beautifully expressed. Yet another writing at its amazing best

    1. Thanks for giving this silly piece a read, really.
      and your post was awesome! as always! I read yours first! dont even think of doing anything to it.

  2. Aavi, this a good post, very expressive, very honest, but it makes me sad too and I cannot describe why - but it hits somewhere.. Just want to say - I love you so much, my little shot!

    1. Thank you soo much di! and am happy it hit you somewhere, but where? its okay if you dont want to share. :)
      I love you soo much di! :* always!

  3. You know as a child I used to say always "yeh mela hai" and that defined me. Even with mom I did that to my bro. But as I grew up I learned to share. Nephew makes me love sharing. But people I still want to be just mine.
    Love the honesty and love in this...I am proud to know you.
    Loads of love girl.

    1. We are sooo similar! in soo manyyy cases! and ways! and what not! you are like an elder version of me (just, a far far better one). I hope someday I learn it too. thank you soo much for sharing your side! :)
      I love you ! <3

  4. I love expressions in your poetry. Beautiful.

    1. Same thoughts :) I love the ideas !!
      though I always liked to share ,,,
      my shadows were being possessive for people ,. still is :)

    2. Thank you soo much Yogesh ji! :) thank you!

    3. @Nimue
      I wish someday I'd be able to share mine too.. someday.. dont know when..
      thank you for giving this a read! you are awesome!