Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hidden in your eyes #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 2

I imagine your eyes
Often in black & white
sometimes with a hint of sepia
or beautiful touch of brown

For its foolish of me
to draw them in my mind
I wonder what all they hide
I see beauty blended with colors
Painful past or mystical future

I have dreams with you
For you
But I hide
Blur them at the corner of my eyes
Sometime I shall bring them in
Present them at your feet

Till then let me imagine your eyes
This time in more colors
I wonder what all you hide in them
Just like I do in mine


  1. Its not what i hide,
    But what you still read,
    Its not the colors in eyes
    But the ones my heart fills,
    When you hold my hands ,
    And ask me for a dream,
    I wish someday i could say,
    You are my dream, make it true.

    You can imagine how much i loved your poem that i was forced to write this. Thank you aavika .. for this gem of inspiration. Love u .. love your poem.

  2. I don't hide much
    I just dream with them
    Of the ways I could find
    To wipe those tears
    And to bring a smile
    To the one who makes me live
    With her own existence.

    Man you are such a gem to the poetry world :) What a take and what a writer I say :)

  3. @Nimue
    Oh di! I can see how happy you are. and I am the reason behind your happiness means so much to me :')
    Amazingly you have written di, filled with love.
    Thank you for being so inspirational! :)

  4. @Lady Whispers
    Its so amazing that I get comments in form of poems. Just boosts me up so much to write even more.

    Oh so happy! I touched! :')
    Thank you soo much diii!

  5. Beautiful sentiments here. Lovely. X

  6. If only I could have written a poem to speak of its beauty. But then the two wordmistress whom I adore dearly has already said a lot.

    In short this was so amazing. So beautiful. For a simple sweet post has the power to build a broken soul too. Keep writing :)

  7. That's a beautiful way to portray how you feel!

  8. Aavi ! This was brilliant ! Very touching .. so well expressed .. I'm going to try to read the brown in your eyes next time we meet :) Love you !

  9. I gazed into your eyes
    Couldn't help but notice the shimmering light
    Your eyes, mirage of my soul
    Continuing my journey through universe the whole.

    There is an invisible force
    Connecting my eyes to yours
    I can see my inner self
    Through that open door

    Stumbling n be lost
    is my focus prime
    I couldn't help but love you
    till the end of time.

    Last line sab kuch keh rhi h..aage bolne ki jrurt nahi h.( oo bhi rhym kr gai)

  10. Your poem reminds me of flirtatious glances... Hoping and wondering what the other is thinking... What they choose to reveal - or not!

  11. @Shah Wharton
    Am glad you liked it ! ^_^
    Thanks for making a comment :)

    Thank you! and I dont know why I cant make a comment on your blog?
    Let me know if you know why. :)

  13. @ankitsharma88
    Oh! so you too adore these two beauties! Same pinch!
    Am so happy you liked it, means so much to me (cos nimue di keeps talking of you).
    Thank you soo much for making a comment! :)

  14. @Beauty and the BEast
    I guess thats what poetry is all about then- expressing.
    Keep dropping by often please :)

  15. @snlkc
    Wohhooo!! You liked! Mission successful! Yippeeee!
    Oh you know I have brown eyes :O
    Love you too di! :*

  16. @Kamal pandey
    Oh my God! You awesome guy I am so proud of!
    I think my blog and heart awaits for your comment in form of a poem. It means so much to me! I get inspired by you.
    Thanks for taking out time and writing this! Really!
    Hugs! :)

  17. @mentalmosaic
    So finally there is a reader who has really got what went through my mind while writing.
    Haha! The best is yet to be revealed.
    Thanks for writing this!