Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Love is.. You #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 8

The gleaming glow on your face

Hands trembling or shivering
You remind me of the summer morning
when we first met
Love is.. You
Like the Yellow Sun

Drops penetrating your skin
deep down soothing your being
I look at you
and the rain
Love is.. You
Drops of comfort hit my face

The leaves fall and grow again
A few parts go, a few stay
You teach me often
of letting go
Love is.. You
teaching me more and more

The winter mornings
arrive late and leave early
your warmth is all I believe in
Hidden with you in the blanket
Love is.. You
Melting often; the chilling snow

This poem is not for a lover rather for the feeling of 'Love'. Not being of 'loved' either, but only 'Love'. For me, 'Love' is 'Love' and when things fall apart, I only say- I Love 'Love'. It doesn't really make things right but it keeps my faith firm on 'Love'.


  1. Love is .. you
    this poem , these words .
    Its not the feeling , its the belief that the feeling is never wrong. Love is never wrong :)

  2. OMG the whole poem
    and then the are so me girl...
    I am one of those mad ones who just love and having known you I say I am glad I meet are love in yourself :)

    Loved this piece :)

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  4. You created magic with the magical words..!:)

  5. @Nimue
    People can be wrong, but not the feeling of 'Love'. I believe that. :)
    Oh you get me soo well! :* each time..

  6. @Lady Whispers
    I know we both are same on a lot of aspects! and here too! yippee! hi 5 banta hai!
    Every soul is Love :)
    thank you sooo much!!

  7. @Payal agarwal
    oh! thank you for that magical comment! :)
    and thank you for dropping by too ^_^

  8. @Sonalika Chaturvedi
    you you you :* :)
    Yes I do do do!
    Thank youu !

  9. I love the whole idea of the poem. Different seasons and yet they talk of the same idea. Loved the way you descibe everything so beautifully. Those words, those Lines. That's love!