Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I talk #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 7

Me being strong
me being patient
me being happy
me being perfect
often the positives
make my life so bright
when I know that things
will be on my side
Fate then pushes me
to go forth and forth
filled with success
walking on the path, I see
I am a northern star
Showing everyone the path
People can rely on me
for I will never misguide

Me being weak
me being dull
me being impatient
me being crooked
then comes these thoughts
when positives dont flow
for mind can never be empty
often negativity comes in too
then I stay
like some water at one place
I see none
The star is lost in black sky
who will guide me then?
who will show me the way? 
these are my two halves
which fight sometimes
all along the way

But I put the thoughts aside
for people are still looking 
at the stronger part
for people are still looking 
at the norther star


  1. Claps ! And i cant stop being impressed every single day ..

  2. You're shining brightly my dear! very good poem.

  3. wow very beauiful and strong poem. Can't wait to read more.

  4. I like how you show that you can be strong, but even when you feel your weakness, others look to your strengths. Lovely poem. xoA

  5. @Nimue
    I am actually writing to keep my promise to you and to come up to your expectations. Thank you so much. Am learning all because of you.

  6. @Sonalika di
    oh! such bright comment! :D
    thank you soo much diii! <3

  7. @Annie Gray
    oh! thats amazing that you not only liked this but are waiting for more :O
    thank youu! I really will be looking forward to your comments now. :)

  8. @Annis Cassells
    Yes, also others can not always understand other's weaknesses. they see what they wish to.
    Thank you for summing it like this. this is exactly what I meant.